Friday, February 21, 2014

Positive Post 1

So....I think it´s time I start posting positive news stories on this here blog! Something to make you go, ¨hmmm...¨. Something to meander. Something to give some thought to. Maybe we aren´t all living the dream life, or maybe we aren´t quite where we pictured we´d be at this stage in our life, but there´s no sense in moping around! I want to GIVE MORE ATTENTION to my surroundings and LIVE IN THE MOMENT! I want to give more of myself. I do my daily duties--going to work, taking care of my apartment and my family, but beyond that I don´t really GIVE of myself. I keep thinking how many people are in need...of money, of time , of attention, of clothing, of other material items. Sometimes the smallest thing can make a difference in people´s lives! I am sharing a link from Oprah Winfrey called HELLO about something that is very simple to do, but sure can make a world of difference! I am also posting a touching youtube video of a boy who is shivering (waiting at a bus stop I believe) and the account of how people around him give a bit of themselves (and some material items) to help the kiddo out! I hope to positive story (at least) each day. I also hope to follow the examples I post and start GIVING more of myself to those around me!

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